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An Angry Angel
When LKN Beverages of Charlotte NC needed a boost they turned to verdeo and Foundational Branding practices to re-energize the brand and package design for their line of better for you energy drinks. verdeo provided full spectrum design support and strategy for this important step that has brought the brand onto the winning field of this competitive category. - Testimonial
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Time is Value. In 45 minutes we can help you identify opportunities that can drive your sales forward and polish your market perception. Call 352.870.7519. We build Foundational Branding and Communications tools that help you win. - Buster O’Connor
Safe and Secure
Cyber Security has become a must have in the modern enterprise. Scaling a mid sized consultancy to a contractually viable large scale vendor has a lot to do with perception and presentation. We took Goode Cyber Security into a new realm of dynamic brand dress which provided them a solid beach head into larger clients and contracts. Better perception equals better sales. - Testimonial
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